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Awesome Stories 101

Welcome to Awesome Stories! Go behind the scenes to learn how this tool helps develop 21st-century teaching and learning...Read more


Baby spiders travel by "ballooning," which means they send out a strand of spider silk and ride it on the wind. Millions...Read more

America's Deadliest Train Wreck

Just weeks after the Great Circus Train Wreck of 1918, America's deadliest train disaster occurs near Nashville, Tennessee....Read more

Exploring Space:    Images from NASA

See how Hubble, the orbiting space telescope, has changed our view of the Cosmos. It all started with Galileo who, improving...Read more

Amelia Earhart - First Female Transatlantic Flight

Amelia Earhart tells us what it was like to be the first female to fly across the Atlantic. She took-off five years to the...Read more

Vincent van Gogh and His $66.3 Million Painting

Although Vincent van Gogh could not sell his own paintings, today his art work sells for millions of dollars. This story...Read more

Stories of the Week May 17-23
Sun 17
  • Van Gogh's Painting of 'Dr. Gachet'
    On May 17, 1989, ''Portrait of Dr. Gachet'' by Vincent Van Gogh sold for an unbelievably high amount. Who was Vincent? What are his most-famous works? This story has answers!
Mon 18
  • Plessy v Ferguson - Separate-but-Equal Decision 1896
    In a majority decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rules in Plessy v. Ferguson that the ''separate-but-equal'' doctrine is constitutional. Justice John Marshall Harlan dissents, predicting the negative impact of the decision on African-Americans.
Tue 19
  • The Swift Fall of Anne Boleyn 1536
    A mere 17 days passed between the date Anne Boleyn was arrested and the day she was beheaded. Was it justice which moved the clock so quickly? Or something else?
  • Death of Jackie Kennedy 1994
    During her lifetime, Mrs. Kennedy was one of the most-admired women in the world. She died, of cancer, on the 19th of May, 1994. We can learn more about her in this video from 1962.
  • Bismarck versus HMS Hood 1941
    Two great ships - the Hood (pride of the Royal Navy) and the Bismarck (pride of the Third Reich) fought each other in May of 1941.
  • Franklin Expedition 1845
    Sure he could find the last section of a Northwest Passage, Sir John Franklin left Britain with two ships on May 19, 1845. He, and all his men, were lost. What caused their deaths?
Wed 20
  • Amelia Earhart - First Transatlantic Flight 1932
    Amelia Earhart began her first transatlantic flight on May 20, 1932. She left Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and landed at Culmore, Northern Ireland the next day.
  • First Transatlantic Flight 1927
    Charles A. Lindbergh completed the world's first solo transatlantic flight. He left Long Island at 7:52 AM on May 20, 1927 and landed in Paris at 11:22 PM the next evening.
Thu 21
  • West Loch Disaster at Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor was attacked during WW II on May 21, 1944. Men and supplies, scheduled to be part of the Saipan Invasion, were involved in a massive explosion. What happened?
Fri 22
Sat 23
  • Death of Bonnie and Clyde 1934
    Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were notorious outlaws during the Great Depression. On the 23rd of May, 1934, they drove their stolen car into an ambush. What happened?
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