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AwesomeStories delivers lessons in a student friendly format. Students love stories about others and themselves in every day and fantasy situations. The lessons and resources are a big plus for me as a teacher so I can show my administration, colleagues, and parents the academic relevance of the assignments. Keep up the excellent service!

Bonnie Patterson, Texas City ISD, Texas City, Texas

A Few of 4345 Stories That Matter Now

Albert Einstein - Role in the Atom Bomb Project

In 1952, Einstein was asked about his role in making atomic bombs. He responded...Read more

Memorial Day

On the fourth Monday of May, Americans honor those who have died for their country....Read more

Playing Taps - The Bugler's Perspective

A bugler, playing Taps at a funeral, has only one chance to "get it right."...Read more

Normandy Invasion

It's the 6th of June, 1944, and everything depends on a full moon and perfect...Read more

Secretariat - Wins the Belmont by 31 Lengths

On June 9, 1973, Secretariat won the Belmont by 31 lengths. His triple crown...Read more

Secretariat and His Big Heart

What made this superb colt, called Secretariat, such a tremendous athlete?...Read more

Passion of Joan of Arc - Maria Falconetti

Joan of Arc is condemned to death on May 30, 1431. Critics raved about this...Read more

The Passion of Joan of Arc - Death Scene

Her accusers know that Joan of Arc is afraid of death by burning at the stake,...Read more


An atomic bomb, known as "Little Boy" devastates the Japanese city of Hiroshima...Read more

Hiroshima - Soldier Saves Child

Amidst all the heartbreak and devastation in Hiroshima, following a nuclear...Read more

Sherpas and Their Dangerous Job on Mt. Everest

At the height of the Everest climbing season, we think about Sherpas and how...Read more

Vietnam War

As President Obama visits Vietnam, we step back to look at a war which divides...Read more

Alexander Hamilton and His 21st-Century Popularity

With 16 Tony nominations, "Hamilton" shatters records. Watch how it all started...Read more

Bismarck versus HMS Hood - Battle of Denmark Strait

In May of 1941, Germany dispatches its formidable new battleship, called the...Read more

Sinking of the Bismarck

It's May 27, 1941, and the Bismarck is disabled, due to attacks by British planes...Read more

At a Glance - Games, Animations & Sample Topics

Awesome Stories is like an online treasure hunt. This guide helps you to find...Read more


At CERN, where the WWW was announced on 30 April 1993, scientists study "antimatter"...Read more

What is AwesomeStories?

A 1-minute intro to AwesomeStories and its helpful tools: CurriculumMakerTM,...Read more

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