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Bridge of Spies

Spies are exchanged, in Germany, on February 10, 1962. When James B. Donovan convinced a Judge to spare the life of his client,...Read more

Valentine's Day and Its Origins

People have been exchanging Valentines for hundreds of years, but what do we know about the origins of this romantic Day...Read more

What is AwesomeStories?

An intro to AwesomeStories and its great tools: CurriculumMaker, AssignmentMaker and StoryMaker....Read more

Dresden - WWII Bomb Attack

This British newsreel clip depicts the massive Allied bombing attack on Dresden, during February and March of 1945. Bomb...Read more

Invictus - Nelson Mandela Interview

On February 11, 1990, Mandela was released from prison. In this clip, from a larger report on Apartheid, Mandela talks about...Read more

Treasures of King Tut and Downton Abbey

King Tut's tomb is opened Feb 13, 1924. Patron George Herbert (5th Earl of Carnarvon), owner of "Downton Abbey" (Highclere...Read more

Stories of the Week February 7-13
Sun 7
Mon 8
Tue 9
  • Macbeth - An Animated Summary
    An animated summary of Macbeth, together with supplementary information, provides very interesting background to the real-life, 11th-century Scottish King.
  • Battle of Guadalcanal Ends 1943
    Fighting between the Japanese and Americans on the Island of Guadalcanal is brutally intense and lasts for months. The battle for the strategic island finally ends with an American victory on February 9, 1943.
Wed 10
  • Murder of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley 1567
    During the early morning hours of February 10, 1567, someone murdered Lord Darnley - also known as Henry Stuart - at Kirk o'Field. People pointed to Mary, Queen of Scots, Darnley's wife. Was she guilty of engineering her husband's murder?
  • Bridge of Spies - Francis Gary Powers and Rudolf Abel Exchange 1962
    With a cold fog descending on Berlin, people took their places on the Glienicke Bridge. It was a cold Saturday morning, in 1962, and no news reporters would be allowed to witness the event when East and West exchanged Powers and Abel.
  • Queen Victoria Marries Prince Albert 1840
    For the first time since 1554, a reigning Queen of England becomes a bride when Victoria marries Albert at the Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace. The couple remain together for nearly 21 years, until Albert's death in 1861.
Thu 11
Fri 12
  • Charles Darwin Born in 1809
    Charles Darwin, whose theories about evolution and natural selection revolutionized scientific inquiries, was born on this day in 1809. Learn more about him through the story of his relationship with his daughter Annie (who died when she was young).
  • Aleksander Solzhenitzyn Deported 1974
    Winning the 1970 Nobel Prize for Literature, Solzhenitsyn was deported from Russia in 1974 (soon after the first volume of his acclaimed work, ''The Gulag Archipelago'' was published). He later talks about what happened to him (and how he reacted).
  • Abraham Lincoln Born in 1809
    America's 16th President was born on this date in 1809. Learn about the man who saved the Union (and how he was able to achieve so much despite his humble beginnings).
  • Lady Jane Grey - Queen for 9 Days 1554
    On this date, in 1554, Lady Jane Grey and her husband were beheaded after her brief nine-day rule as Britain's Queen. She had succeeded Edward VI after Henry VIII's son died young.
Sat 13
  • Bombing of Dresden Begins 1945
    Allied forces, during World War II, dropped bombs on the German city of Dresden between February and March of 1945. It is estimated that around 135,000 people died during the disastrous shelling. The bomb runs began on Feb 13, 1945.
  • King Tut and Downton Abbey 1924
    Howard Carter opened King Tut's Tomb on this day, in 1924. He was funded by George Herbert (who later became the 5th Earl of Carnavon), whose family owns Highclere Castle (used as Downton Abbey in the much-loved TV series).
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