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  • “I believe that AwesomeStories offers something that isn't found in any other educational Web site. Not only are there lessons with links to all supportive information, but also the approach of each lesson is novel and multidisciplinary. It really models the types of lessons that should be offered daily in every school across the nation.”
    Rachel Bhattacharyya, El Paso ISD, El Paso, TX

  • AwesomeStories delivers lessons in a student friendly format. Students love stories about others and themselves in every day and fantasy situations. The lessons and resources are a big plus for me as a teacher so I can show my administration, colleagues, and parents the academic relevance of the assignments. Keep up the excellent service!”
    Bonnie Patterson, Texas City ISD, Texas City, Texas

  • “In the new era of Common Core Standards, when schools are expecting students and teachers to dig deeper into content and inquiry learning, AwesomeStories is a perfect curriculum resource - engaging, well researched, and just flat out fun to read.”
    John Norton, Librarian, Creator/editor of a middle grades website, North Carolina

  • “As a teacher of the history of the 21st Century Awesome Stories provided a plethora of ideas and resources for my classes. We do not have a textbook that offers as much pertinent information. I like being able to adapt the stories and resources to meet the needs of our courses. ”
    Cindy Aznoe, Montana

  • “I can't believe how fast and easy it is to use StoryMaker! I research the AwesomeStories free archive right from the app, write my story, enter links, note sources, and presto ‐ I've created a multimedia story complete with beautiful images, videos and reliable citations ready for publication for learners and teachers around the world as well as my own students.”
    Kay Teehan, NBCT, Media Specialist, Polk County Public Schools.

  • “Impressive depth and breadth to stories - stories reach across multiple genres and the primary sources and additional information allows students to study the topic and/or theme in greater detail.”
    Emily Trono, Teacher

  • “The interdisciplinary approach is impressive. The shear amount of information and the applicability across genres and subjects is "awesome"!”
    Jay Kirgis, Texarkana Arkansas School District, Texarkana, TX

  • AwesomeStories create an opportunity for students to understand: "History is the compilation of mankind's life story from generation to generation. This process of discovery helps the students think about how their life stories will affect history for the next generation."”
    Betty Williams, Teacher/counselor, Nettleton School District , Nettleton, MS.

  • AwesomeStories provides information I didn't even know I really wanted! I sometimes have gone through the information presented for a story, then all the links, and then want to tell everyone who will listen to me about how cool it is...”

    Nancy Miller, Dallas Independent School District, Dallas, Texas.

  • “Unbelievable resource for teachers, both LA and content-areas. If you want to build background knowledge and have total engagement, put AWESOME STORIES in the lesson plans!”
    Edna Sherrell, Phoenix Academy Sarasota County Schools, Florida

  • “Teaching reading to middle school students in the 21st century requires more than print materials. AwesomeStories is at your fingertips giving life to the printed page.”
    Deb Lynch, Oxford Public Schools, Oxford, Connecticut

  • “High interest stories using 21st century literacy tools to motivate readers to ...want....more.”
    Linda Bohrer, Grantham Village School, Grantham, NH

  • “Teaching kindergarteners stories can be challenging because of the potential language barrier. AwesomeStories helps me to bring the world to my students.”
    Susan Wagener, Lee County School District, Ft Myers, FL

  • “I am so impressed by the website that is envisioning what teaching and learning will look like in the future. The site is at the forefront of educational practices and continues to grow to make all students and teachers digital readers. ”
    Analee Taylor, Curriculum Specialist, Cornelius Elementary, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, NC

  • “I have been an AwesomeStories subscriber and have shared this site with many teachers. I think it brings lessons to life in ways that students find very appealing and in ways that capture their attention. It is so in tune with the way students are wired in this generation of digital natives!”
    Pat Bailey, Department Chair of World Languages, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Gwinnett County, GA

  • “Weaving primary source material into my student's learning is my secret weapon. Everyone loves a good story and when I can incorporate it into my teaching- it is the 'hook' that keeps them wanting to go further and investigate more. When did a student ever finish a chapter in their textbook and ask, "Can I have more, please"?”
    Mary Ann Riendeau, Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA

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