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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Robert Louis Stevenson's story about good and evil comes alive in this abridged version....Read more


To boost attendance at Jurassic World, scientists decide to create a hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex using DNA collected...Read more

AwesomeStories 101

Welcome to Awesome Stories! Go behind the scenes to learn how this tool helps develop 21st-century teaching and learning...Read more

Flight MH17 - Attack and Loss

One year later, we remember ... As 298 people aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 are flying at 33,000 feet above a disputed...Read more

Wonders of the Ancient World - Arson at the Temple of Artemis

On or about July 21, in 356 B.C., an arsonist deliberately set fire to one of the "wonders of the ancient world," the great...Read more

What Is Money and How Is It Created?

Money in the bank doesn't always mean the same thing to people. Stone money is stored outside, not in a locked bank vault,...Read more

Stories of the Week July 26-August 1
Sun 26
Mon 27
  • Life-Saving Discovery: Isolating Insulin 1921
    On the 27th of July, 1921 - while working in their lab at the University of Toronto - Dr. Frederick Banting and his medical assistant, Charles Best, isolated insulin. Their discovery changed the world for people with diabetes.
Tue 28
  • Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia 1914
    Although Serbia accepted nearly every term of Austria-Hungary's ultimatum (to avoid war after Franz Ferdinand was killed by a Serb), Austria-Hungary declared war on 28 July 1914. WWI thus began.
Wed 29
  • Einstein Pleads for Peace
    On July 29, 1923 Albert Einstein spoke on pacifism in Berlin. With his understanding of atomic structure, he urged leaders to avoid the ''War of the Worlds'' that atomic fission could cause.
Thu 30
  • Sinking of the USS Indianapolis 1945
    While returning from delivering atomic bomb parts, the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a torpedo strike on July 30, 1945. Was the Captain to blame? How was his name cleared?
Fri 31
  • Spanish Armada 1588
    In July of 1588, a huge Spanish Armada sailed to England to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Their plans did not work out this clip helps to explain why.
Sat 1
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