Achievements Audios

The extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and groups instruct and inspire, becoming legends in or across cultures.

Chapter 10 - After her visit to Boston, Helen and her teacher went on holiday to Cape Cod.

On its mission to the Moon, Apollo 13 encountered a near-fatal situation.

Helen visited the Perkins Institute for the Blind in May of 1888.

During the summer of 1886, Helen and her parents visited a famous Baltimore physician.

During the Great Depression, Americans were starving.

When she wasn't reading, Helen loved to be outside.

Still preparing for college, Helen attended the Cambridge School for Young Ladies.

For two years, as Helen continued her college-prep work, she studied at the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York.

Until Helen was 13, Annie Sullivan worked with her student on the basics: How to finger-spell, how to read (in Braille and raised type) and how to spe...

Although her father had been married before, and Helen had two step-brothers, she was the first girl in the family and her mother's first child.

Even though she'd made great progress, Helen was frustrated because she could not speak.

As a child of the South, Helen had not experienced snow before the winter of 1889.

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