Achievements Chapters

The extraordinary accomplishments of individuals and groups instruct and inspire, becoming legends in or across cultures.

The colonists balk at English rule, laying the groundwork for the revolution and questions about the imposition of laws.

Wallace is found guilty ofhigh treasonand crimes against English civilians and sentenced to death.

Penn goes "against the crown" and must defend himself in London's Old Bailey.

Jefferson, the third child in his family, is born in Virginia in 1743.

Slave children like Fred had little clothing or food, no bedding, no education, and saw frequent and bloody beatings.

In December of 1955, Doyle wins his case, but the laws remain unchanged.

Fearing being hung, Tone attempts suicide and dies a martyr.

John Nash is a recognized genius while studying at Princeton and teaching at M.I.T (as C.L.E. Moore Instructor).

Green Hornet crashes in the ocean. Zamp and two men drift in a life raft, surrounded by sharks, hoping someone will find them. They exist on rainwater...

Willing to risk the consequences for refusing to swearallegiancetoEdward, Wallace begins killing English men.

Under the rule of King Ruga, the Huns receive land near the Danube River (in today's Hungary).

With their knowledge of controlling movement, Wilbur and Orville begin by launching gliders at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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