Book Chapters

The advent and progress of books as they have evolved over time has driven knowledge, economies, beliefs, group identification and pleasure since early times.

Congress passes a draft law to recruit men to fight for the Union, but it allows wealthy men to buy their way out of service.

For nearly a week in July 1863, New Yorkers riot against the Conscription Law.

Near the end of the 19th century, some Americans believe that the U.S. should become an empire similar to Britain.

In September 1965, the 1st Calvary arrives in South Vietnam with 424 helicopters and planes.

Douglass is not the only one speaking out and writing against slavery; even children's books condemn it.

Iwo Jima is directly in the flight path of airplanes trying to reach Tokyo from the mid-Pacific; it is crucial territory for both Japanese and America...

Britons remaining in their homeland rally and fight back through the telling of heroic tales, such as Beowulf.

Britain's "high society" is closed to all who are not born into the upper class.

In Charles Frazier's book, Cold Mountain, Inman is a wounded Confederate soldier who deserts after participating in terrible battles.

The submerged Titanic is located in 1985.

SOS signals and lifeboats can't help people on the Titanic. The wireless operator on the closest ship, about an hour away, has shut-off his system fo...

PAVN soldiers suffer when American soldiers destroy supply lines and weapons; they retreat to Chu Pong Mountains to regroup.

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