Culture Story Briefs

Stories that reflect how societies think, behave, believe, dress, create art, and work give us a window into diverse cultures.

Fort Wagner was the garrison protecting the port of Charleston, South Carolina, at the beginning of America's Civil War.

Aaron Burr became America's third Vice President in 1800. He has an interesting history, but not all of it is pleasant!

Guido Reni created a painting—The Abduction of Helen—in 1631. There is more to this painting than meets the eye of today’s beholders.

Abe Lincoln lived at Knob Creek Farm, in Hodgenville, Kentucky, until he was nearly eight years old.

In 1863, President Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November would be Thanksgiving Day. He issued a turkey reprieve - which we would call a pardo...

After trying, for nearly two decades, to abolish the slave trade, William Wilberforce finally convinces Parliament to do the right thing on February 2...

Abolitionists who wanted children to understand America's system of chattel slavery wrote books to communicate their message. One example is "A Pictur...

A closer look at Phillis Wheatley and what why she wrote the famous poem "About Slavery".

When Abraham Lincoln did not like the way a photographer had smoothed his hair, the future President ran his fingers through it - just before the pict...

Being U.S. President, during America's Civil War, required Mr. Lincoln to make difficult strategic decisions.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi leads insurgents called ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and/or IS (Islamic State). Does his name have a special meaning?

To help provide for his growing family, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol over a period of three weeks in 1843.

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