Current Events

  • Abu Bakr and ISIS - Background of a Jihadi's Name: Abu Bakr al Baghdadi leads insurgents called ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and/or IS (Islamic State). Does his name have a special meaning?

  • Alexander Hamilton and His 21st-Century Popularity: Alexander Hamilton had words of advice in a deadlocked political battle. He's now the subject of a major musical. Watch how it all started in this video clip.

  • Anthony, Susan B.: Susan B. Anthony, champion of women's rights, votes in the 1872 presidential election (Ulysses S. Grant vs. Horace Greeley) and is arrested three weeks later for illegally voting.

  • ARGO: Tensions between the US and Iran still run high. Is there a cause for this ongoing friction? On the 27th of January, 1980, six diplomats secretly escape from Iran. Argo is a film about the rescue of t...

  • Baseball Cards: With the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series, check out how the game began and investigate some little-known facts about things like baseball cards.

  • EXPLORING MARS: NASA's orbiter, above Mars, provides images of Schiaparelli's 19 Oct 2016 crash site even as NASA's rovers (Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity) explore and take pictures of Mars.

  • Exploring Space: Images from NASA: It's World Space Week. See how Hubble, the orbiting space telescope, has changed our view of the Cosmos. It all started with Galileo who, improving an original design, uses his version of the telesco...

  • Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot: Every November 5th, as bonfires burn, Britain celebrates being saved from a national catastrophe when Guy Fawkes was discovered with 36 barrels of gunpowder lurking in a vault below the House of Lords...

  • In Flanders Fields - Story behind the Famous Poem by John McCrae: During November, people wear red poppies to honor those who died fighting for their countries. November 11 is variously known as "Remembrance Day" and "Veterans' Day." John McCrae's poem, "In Flanders...

  • Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass, Part 2: Kristallnacht begins in Germany on the 9th of November, 1938. What was it and why did it begin?

  • Mosul - Near Battle of Gaugamela: Today's fight for Mosul is not the first time this city has been embattled. It was once involved in the Battle of Gaugamela, fought between Alexander the Great and Darius III, which likely took place ...

  • SuperMoon - What It Is and When It Occurs: Check out the next SuperMoon on December 3rd. A Super Moon occurs during unique full moon conditions and some speculate it affects our planet with more than just a nice view.

  • THE GUNPOWDER PLOT: November 5 is "Guy Fawkes Day" because, in 1605, a plot to kill the King was thwarted when Fawkes was found with 36 barrels of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament.

  • Vincent Van Gogh: Vincent van Gogh, whose paintings today are among the most-valuable artworks in existence, lives a tragic life in which no one recognizes his genius.

  • Vincent van Gogh and His $66.3 Million Painting: Although Vincent van Gogh could not sell his own paintings, today his art work sells for millions of dollars. This story is about his painting called "L'Allee Des Alyscamps."

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