Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. - I Have a Dream Speech: On the 28th of August, 1963, Dr. King gives a speech following a peaceful demonstration in Washington, D.C. Describing the gathering, in which people demand equal rights for blacks and whites, as the ...

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. - Mountaintop Speech: On April 3, 1968, Dr. King was in Memphis, Tennessee to support protesting sanitation workers. He gave one of his most-moving speeches that night.

  • PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: On March 16, 1968 Robert Kennedy announceshe will run for president.

  • Selma-to-Montgomery: Bloody Sunday: It started on 7 March 1965 when a civil rights march, from Selma to Montgomery, turns violent. MLK gets involved and leads the second attempt (on 9 March 1965). It wasn't until a Court Order was enter...

  • SUICIDAL RESISTANCE: Nazis killed Bonhoeffer at the Flossenburg concentration camp because he would not be silent about the wrongdoings of Hitler and the Nazis.


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