Pirates, Gladiators and Legends

  • 300 - Thermopylae and Rise of an Empire: Leonidas, the king of Sparta, leads the Greek army against Xerxes' Persian army but is killed in the fight at Thermopylae. Later, Themistocles defeats Xerxes with superior naval power.

  • Alamo, The: Texians, rebel forces who want their independence from Mexico, fight at the Alamo against Mexican general Santa Anna. The Alamo falls on March 6, 1836. This led to the battle cry: "Remember the Alamo!...

  • GRENDEL: Grendel is a monster, possibly a troll, attacking Heorot, the King's mead hall, every night killing some of its residents.

  • GRENDEL'S MOTHER: To avenge her son's death, Grendel's sea-hag mother kills Heorot's residents until Beowulf stops her.

  • Jesse James the Outlaw: Within five years of Jesse James'' death, publishers were releasing young-adult stories about the famous outlaw.

  • Morgan's Bucanneers in Port Royal - 1668: Henry Morgan's successful raid on Porto Bello, Panama netted him and his buccaneers a great deal of loot.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirates of the Caribbean is a film franchise with stories based on at least a few real-world pirates and set in now destroyed Port Royal.

  • PORT ROYAL EARTHQUAKE: On June 7, 1692 an earthquake destroys Port Royal and the town never recovers.

  • THE SPANISH MAIN: After Columbus "discovers" some of the Caribbean islands, Spain claims them and the area becomes known as the "Spanish Main."

  • THE WOODEN HORSE: The Greeks build and leave a huge wooden horse outside the gates of Troy as a gift. During the night, Greeks exit the horse and begin to conquer Troy.

  • TORTUGA and the PIRATES' CODE: Tortuga, located off the coast of Haiti, is home to buccaneers and a safe harbor for pirates.

  • TROLLS: In Norse mythology, trolls are supernatural and dangerous beings.

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