Primary Grades

  • A Christmas Carol: The classic story, by Charles Dickens, told in a new way. Read, or hear, this abridged and dramatized version as Ebenezer Scrooge finds a new way to live his life.

  • Charlotte's Web: A spider spinning a web, and the death of a "precious" pig, inspire Andy (E.B.) White to compose a beloved children's classic.

  • Dave the Octopus: Scientists have mapped-out the octopus genome! A villain in "Penguins of Madagascar," Dave is an octopus who changes form. A very intelligent invertebrate, the Common Octopus can change form ... but i...

  • Helen Keller: With the significant help of Annie Sullivan - who arrived at the Keller home on the 3rd of March, 1887 - Helen becomes an inspiration for people worldwide.

  • Jurassic Park: Jurassic Park is a fictional movie with the premise that dinosaurs are reborn from DNA found in fossils.

  • King Kong: King Kong, the movie, debuts during the Great-Depression era and stars a huge gorilla which frightens the people of New York City.

  • Miracle on 34th Street: The story of Santa Claus has its base in the life of the Bishop of Myra, Saint Nicholas.

  • Night at the Museum: With Robin Williams playing a rambunctious Teddy Roosevelt, "Night at the Museum" (a fictional story featuring some real historical characters) seems more real than fiction.

  • Santa Claus: The story of Santa Claus has its base in the life of the Bishop of Myra, Saint Nicholas.

  • Snow White: Legends tells us that the "Snow White" story, from the Brothers Grimm, is based on a real girl, real miners and real places in Germany.

  • The Boy Who Became the Dalai Lama: Compelling story of how a peasant boy became the ruler of a country.

  • The Lorax: Read Across America with "The Lorax," and Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! This favorite story promotes caring for the environment and the Earth's natural resources.

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