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Throughout time, stories have always been the most engaging way to teach and learn. Our time is only different in its complexity. So, Awesome Stories delivers the stories and the stories behind the stories from films, books, history, current events, culture and art.

Awesome Stories is a story-driven, evidence-based teaching and learning platform featuring Awesome Stories-authored story learning guides to nearly 800 stories contextualized with over 100,000 primary sources, advanced search options and classroom teaching and learning tools. free website presenting compelling stories with related primary source evidence in the form of videos, audio clips, documents and images, so that students can engage, research, think critically, reflect and communicate to succeed as 21st century learners. (see info graphic)

We choose the most compelling stories and dig deep to explore video clips, images, old radio interviews, original documents,  and artifacts, unearthing evidence to help understand the “who, what, when, where, how and why,”  in the context of the times. 

All this makes Awesome Stories a “playground for critical thinking” with a vast array of informational text and evidence, where teachers can build lessons or units, and students can research thoroughly.

We are proud to offer access to our unique archives without any subscription or fee, the chart below shows you how much more you can get with Free, Silver, and Gold subscriptions.

A unique new driving force in our website is the ease and specificity with which teachers and students can maximize the learning experience.  Awesome Stories can help you to teach better, learn better, read better, write better and think better.  Enter AWESOME SEARCH™; we think it will knock your socks off (because it really is Awesome)!

Non-members and Free Members may try the Awesome Search up to 5 times. For a small fee, premium members will have unlimited access to the powerful search and so much more.  Please sign up today for a FREE TRIAL SILVER OR GOLD MEMBERSHIP with 30 days of premium access to see what all the fuss is about!

Silver is for individuals, Gold lets you give premium accounts linked to yours to each student in all your classes (yes, 5, 20 or 150 or however many you have). You can use our learning tasks, create your own, share assignments, grade and report with a Gold account.

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