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Founders and Leaders 

Carole Bos J.D., Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

What is the real story? What is the evidence” These questions drive trial attorney Carole Bos’ successful law career. Carole has argued such groundbreaking cases as the infamous Love Canal disaster, which led to the creation of federally designated Superfund sites.  Given a lawyer's highest AV rating, by both peers and judges, Carole is listed as a "Super Layer" and is consistingly included in The Best Lawyers in America. But she has not reserved her talent, zeal and time solely for law. Indefatigable, Carole devotes her evenings and weekends to creating the amazing educational treasure known as AwesomeStories.

Mid-career, it struck Carole that the very skills which helped her to win legal cases could also help to win minds in education. Researching a case, analyzing the issues, identifying and finding key evidence and finding a way to communicate the information—creating a compelling story for a jury of varied individuals—all these elements could drive a system of learning. So Carole began to create AwesomeStories twenty years ago “in her spare time” and quickly engaged help from her husband Jim, her law firm and their friends.


Jim Bos, Co-Founder, Research and Administration

Who assists, vets, fields questions and occasionally reins things in? Carole's husband, indispensable administrator, and chief researcher, Jim Bos. Jim vets websites, finds resources, follows the calendar and sleuths story ideas. Jim also guides the administration of AwesomeStories and its growth.

Deborah Bond-Upson, Chief Education and Strategy Officer

Deborah has worked in education all her life, teaching in West Philadelphia while a Swarthmore College student and teaching in Berkeley CA during graduate school. Over her career she has been engaged with media and assessment in learning, teacher professional development and technology/curriculum integration.

In early 2012, Carole and Jim recruited Deborah to work with them to expand the AwesomeStories offerings to educators and students. Deborah brought her experience developing learning programs at Kaplan, Knowledge Universe, Teacher Universe and Galaxy Classroom—plus her consulting to NBC Learn, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, ACT and Channel One—to guide the development of the website, teacher/student assignments, grading and reporting. This effort has included aligning content to Common Core and State Standards, recruiting a team of 20+Awesome Teacher Leaders from our membership and designing our website to support 21st century teaching and learning.

Deborah has lead the construction of AwesomeStories' MakerSpace learning applications, content management system with the ingenuity and dedication of our development team and guidance of Awesome Teacher Leaders and colleagues around the country. Three main applications—StoryMakerTM, AssignmentMakerTM and CurriculumMakerTM—enable all teachers, students and lifelong learners to create beautiful, rich, well-documented stories, papers, articles and lessons, share them with fellow teachers, students and with the entire AwesomeStories community if they so choose.

AwesomeStories MakerSpace enables a teacher to create an assignment, submit it to the district or school, and after curriculum approval, to have that assignment appear immediately on the dashboards of all teachers of that grade and subject in the district. The aim of this work is to give teachers and school leaders the capability to collaborate easily, quickly and effectively.


Kirk Johnson, Director of Technical Development

Kirk Johnson came on as Director of Technical Operations in September of 2014. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from San Francisco State University and had worked for many years freelancing on multiple web development projects with a wide array of functionality before this. Coming from a family with both his sister and mother being teachers, he knows how vital it is for teachers to have tools that make lesson planning easy, effective, and engaging for the students. Also having done plenty of research in school he also knows how important it is to have sources of reliable information. He fits in seamlessly with what AwesomeStories is about.


Meghan LH Bundtzen, Director of Membership

Meghan Bundtzen joined AwesomeStories after leaving the classroom to be home with her newborn son. She was a classroom teacher for primary students in both Alaska and Hawaii. She earned a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from Alaska Pacific University with a thesis project on Social and Emotional Learning. Read Full Bio.

Brad Glazier and the Bos & Glazier Law Firm Staff

Brad and the Bos Glazier law firm have helped to support AwesomeStories from its inception. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Brad manages legal and organization affairs and members of the firm’s staff help with Newsletter publishing, database management and other support.

Awesome Teacher Leaders

Teachers, media specialists, librarians, principals, district directors, college professors, tutors, continuing education instructors and education writers all work with us as Awesome Teacher Leaders! With their guidance and contributions, we build apps, expand website functionality and continuously add to AwesomeStories content and community.

As teachers build stories and lesson plans/assignments, our ATLs and membership team provide advice and technical support. We are story-driven, but we are also teacher-driven!

Awesome Teacher Leaders make onsite and online presentations to demonstrate use of stories, primary sources, and media to support the Common Core. ATLs implement AwesomeStories in their own school, and spread the word in other schools and districts. Email [email protected] to connect with an ATL in your area! Learn more in the ATL Chapter.

Education Expert Advisors  

Education experts have approved stories on the site, assisted with the site's concept, and offered a variety of advice and support: B. Elliott Grysen, M.D. (for medical content); Dr. John Tevebaugh, Professor Emeritus, Grand Valley State University (for American History and Western Civilization content); Dr. Jennifer Younger, Notre Dame University (for content linking to Notre-Dame holdings and general site concepts/approach); Dr. George H. Hoemann, University of Tennessee (for U.S. Civil War stories); Dr. Edward Cole, Grand Valley State University (for Russian and Soviet history); the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Oswiecim, Poland (for Holocaust stories involving the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp); Suzanne Curro, Director of Curriculum, Hudsonville, Michigan School District (for the needs of K-12 teachers) and Professor Sandie Linn, San Diego Community College (for guidance on lesson plans and visual vocabulary builders).

Hundreds of teachers and professors from our membership have provided specific input (for site improvements and story requests) throughout the last decade.  The site would not be what it is today without their help and recommendations. Ninety percent of the on-site stories are there because of educator requests.

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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 106stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 11, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Nov 21, 2019

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