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Carole Bos J.D., Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

What is the real story? What is the evidence” These questions drive trial attorney Carole Bos’ successful law career. Carole has argued such groundbreaking cases as the infamous Love Canal disaster, which led to the creation of federally designated Superfund sites.  Given a lawyer's highest AV rating, by both peers and judges, Carole is listed as a "Super Layer" and is consistingly included in The Best Lawyers in America. But she has not reserved her talent, zeal and time solely for law. Indefatigable, Carole devotes her evenings and weekends to creating the amazing educational treasure known as AwesomeStories.

Mid-career, it struck Carole that the very skills which helped her to win legal cases could also help to win minds in education. Researching a case, analyzing the issues, identifying and finding key evidence and finding a way to communicate the information—creating a compelling story for a jury of varied individuals—all these elements could drive a system of learning. So Carole began to create AwesomeStories twenty years ago “in her spare time” and quickly engaged help from her husband Jim, her law firm and their friends.


Jim Bos, Co-Founder, Research and Administration

Who assists, vets, fields questions and occasionally reins things in? Carole's husband, indispensable administrator, and chief researcher, Jim Bos. Jim vets websites, finds resources, follows the calendar and sleuths story ideas. Jim also guides the administration of AwesomeStories and its growth.


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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 105stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 11, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jul 24, 2024

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