Agriculture Chapters

Stories related to the cultivation of plants, animals and care of the land.

Words that help you understand butterflies and their lives.

Chapter 1

8-4.1 Importance of agriculture in antebellum South Carolina

Interesting information and facts about butterflies.

Chapter 4

During 1932-33 people in Ukraine die for lack of food. This man-made disaster is called Holodomor and has its roots in Soviet policies.

As Lenin relaxes Bolshevik policies in Ukraine, the people have a resurgence of national patriotism and culture.

Although the Soviet Union never acknowledged that its policies caused the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33, Russia acknowledged it in 2003.

Refusing to grant access to individuals who can see how the Ukrainian people are starving, Soviet officials assure the world, and their own countrymen...

Stalin, who succeeds Lenin, is unwilling to allow national patriotism to continue in Ukraine. He enforces repressive policies on the Ukrainian people.

As Ukrainians starve, the Soviet government covers-up the disaster occurring in Ukraine by selling more and more grain to other countries.

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