Ancient Places and/or Civilizations Videos

The very land we call "ours" once belonged to others. How did ancient people live on that land? What was important to them? Are we more alike than we are different? Explore this collection to find answers.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, ancient Greeks built an arena which still produces stunning, unamplified sound.

This clip from "Walking with Dinosaurs" depicts various dinosaurs (including the late-Triassic, plant-eating Plateosaurus which weighed about four ton...

Alexander was a Macedonian prince, the son of Philip II and his wife Olympias.

While his father was still alive, Alexander (who was not-yet called "The Great") tamed a beautiful horse, called Bucephalas, whom no one else was able...

Trailer for "Alexander," a film by Oliver Stone.

See (and hear) an ancient instrument, called the harp guitar, as it is used to play Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella.

Anglo-Saxons came to Britain from other countries on the European continent.

Was there once a city called Atlantis which disappeared into the sea?

The Huns had no written language, but there is a written description of Attila by Priscus, a Greek-speaking Roman historian who met him.

Huns were nomads, carrying their belongings with them in their carts as they moved around the steppes.

Attila continued as a threat against Rome and demanded significant tribute from its ambassadors.

Attila led the Huns for eight short but dramatic years, but his sons were unable to folllow in his footsteps.

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