Aviation & Space Exploration

From ancient to modern times, people have studied "the heavens" and wondered "what's out there?" Technology helps us to take a closer look. Meet the pioneers of space and aviation in this collection of stories.

Aviation & Space Exploration Chapters

Doolittle and his Tokyo Raiders prove that Japan can be attacked; however, two US planes crash and Japanese soldiers capture the pilots.

Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle believes that land-based planes, B-25 Mitchells, can reach Japan and drop bombs from navy ships not accustomed to carrying an...

Learn more about eleven of the Red Tail pilots.

The Tuskegee airmen in WWII fly mission as the 99th Pursuit Squad.

Tuskegee Institute is a flight school that graduates African American pilots.

Aviation & Space Exploration Learning Tasks

Sequence of Events

Persuasive essay

Analyze and draw inferences

Comparing Similar Flying Groups

Thinking and Analyzing the Text as You Read

Aviation & Space Exploration Audios

After the shuttle Columbia was lost, during the STS-107 mission, President George W.

On its mission to the Moon, Apollo 13 encountered a near-fatal situation.

Aviation & Space Exploration Audio Narrations

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., was an African-American hero who was also a leader in wartime aviation history.

After experiencing an accident in space, Apollo 11's crew depended on team work to save their lives.

As they get closer to the Moon, Apollo 11's crew gets a warning sign. Is it real or is it a glitch?

Audio narration of “Meet the Red Tails,” a chapter in an Awesome Story about "Red Tails" and the Tuskegee Airmen who flew the "Red Tail" missions.

Audio narration of “The 99th Pursuit Squad,” a chapter in an Awesome Story about "Red Tails" and the Tuskegee Airmen who flew the "Red Tail" missi...

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