Aviation & Space Exploration Chapters

From ancient to modern times, people have studied "the heavens" and wondered "what's out there?" Technology helps us to take a closer look. Meet the pioneers of space and aviation in this collection of stories.

The A's out play teams with far-richer budgets to become the American League West champions.

NASA designs four "abort methods" in case the space shuttle has a problem during its ascent, following launch..

A Swedish judge ensures that Frank is returned to America rather than Italy; using the toilet hatch, Frank escapes from the plane.

With their knowledge of controlling movement, Wilbur and Orville begin by launching gliders at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

At the start of World War I, few countries can match Germany'sair ships- often calledZeppelins.

In 1961, Alan Shepard becomes the first American to launch into space.

Young Americans want to fly combat missions for France during WWI; they form the Escadrille Americaine (American Squadron).

Solid rocket boosters used in shuttle launches show a potential O-ring design flaw.

Hubble telescope is a high power space telescope which orbits the Earth.

The world watches on TV as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take mankind's first steps on the moon.

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