Aviation & Space Exploration Chapters

From ancient to modern times, people have studied "the heavens" and wondered "what's out there?" Technology helps us to take a closer look. Meet the pioneers of space and aviation in this collection of stories.

"Houston, we've had a problem," is how Apollo 13 lets mission control know about serious problems aboard the space capsule. Teamwork on the ground and...

Frank runs away and decides to fake a career as an airline pilot; he is 16 years old.

NASAs orbiter (Cassini) and ESAs probe (Huygens) provide the world with in-depth information about Saturn.

The military retreats to Bataan and General MacArthur moves to Corregidor.

Billy Beane, the A's general manager, and Paul DePodesta, an A's scout, discovers a method to pick baseball players using limited funds.

It's October 3, 1993 and a Black Hawk chopper - Super 64 - is flying over Mogadishu. Soon thereafter, the crew tries to recover hurt or dead soldiers....

The helicopters sent to Somalia are Black Hawks; they have many uses including carrying troops and weapons.

The Wright brothers, and other flight pioneers, study how birds fly and use that understanding to design the first gliders.

Carl Hanratty is the FBI agent in the movie who first catches Abagnale, but he is able to escape.

The real life Carl Hanratty, Joe Shea, catches Frank, but believes he has a career helping the FBI catch con men just like him.

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