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We may know about a famous person's accomplishments, but what do we know about THEM? What is the human-interest story in THEIR lives? This biography collection features the stories behind the lives of some famous (and not-so-famous) individuals.

Beethoven's last public appearance is at the premiere of his 9th Symphony in Vienna on May 7, 1824.

Slave children like Fred had little clothing or food, no bedding, no education, and saw frequent and bloody beatings.

Greek mythology says that Achilles is half man and half-god; Achilles' only vulnerability is his heel.

Oliver Wendell Holmes writes a Supreme Court decision which allows people to say what they think but not necessarily avoid punishment.

Over the years, 50 people confess to Short's murder, but the case remains officially open.

In 1902, A.E.W. Mason's novel, The Four Feathers, highlights a soldier's fight against fear in the Sudan, and his reaction to feathers, a symbol of co...

A Swedish judge ensures that Frank is returned to America rather than Italy; using the toilet hatch, Frank escapes from the plane.

Creating rebellious ideas, religious leaders insist that fighting a tyrant is a Christian duty.

View defenseless Crusader settlements in 1187.

Patrick dreams of returning to Ireland, and responds to that vision by becoming an apostle to the Irish people.

Balien of Ibelin leads the Franks against the Muslims in the fight for Jerusalem.

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