Biographies Chapters

We may know about a famous person's accomplishments, but what do we know about THEM? What is the human-interest story in THEIR lives? This biography collection features the stories behind the lives of some famous (and not-so-famous) individuals.

Forty Marines capture Mt. Suribachi. They have an American flag to raise and a photographer to capture the moment.

Benedict Arnold complains to George Washington about his court martial for misuse of government funds.

As Booth shoots Lincoln, Lewis Payne tries and fails to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward.

With a Geneva peace conference in mind, Ho leads his troops in a siege on the French garrison in Vietnam.

Due to demand for her story, Florie writes a best-selling book about her ordeal, then spends time on the lecture circuit. Soon after, however, she be...

John Nash is a recognized genius while studying at Princeton and teaching at M.I.T (as C.L.E. Moore Instructor).

Green Hornet crashes in the ocean. Zamp and two men drift in a life raft, surrounded by sharks, hoping someone will find them. They exist on rainwater...

Willing to risk the consequences for refusing to swearallegiancetoEdward, Wallace begins killing English men.

Under the rule of King Ruga, the Huns receive land near the Danube River (in today's Hungary).

With their knowledge of controlling movement, Wilbur and Orville begin by launching gliders at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Read a poem about the life of Jamie Bishop, a German instructor, and Ryan Clark, a 22 year-old senior in Psychology/Biology/English.

Soldiers with special military skills train to clear Japanese from the Philippines.

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