Geography Chapters

Geography provides a sense of place. What a country has, in terms of strategic location and natural resources, can determine its role in the world. See why geography matters in this collection of stories.

In 1880, John Rand Capron, an amateur scientist, suggests storm conditions can form crop circles.

In September 1965, the 1st Calvary arrives in South Vietnam with 424 helicopters and planes.

Since 1965, PG&E knows their plants are putting harmful chemicals into the environment, but does not admit it for 22 years.

Years after waste water from PG&E's compressor station at Hinkley, California began to contaminate the area's groundwater, the government ordered ...

Describes how the Cherokee tribe were transplantesd to a reservation in Oklahoma.

Iwo Jima is directly in the flight path of airplanes trying to reach Tokyo from the mid-Pacific; it is crucial territory for both Japanese and America...

Thatcher grows up in a middle class family where independent thinking, being practical and loving politics is normal.

Jefferson, the third child in his family, is born in Virginia in 1743.

In 1095, Pope Urban II issues a call to Christian men to liberate the "Holy Land" from the Muslim Turks.

Britons remaining in their homeland rally and fight back through the telling of heroic tales, such as Beowulf.

The U.S. landscape changes from a place of peaceful, comfortable living to a land destroyed by warfare.

Greek mythology says that Achilles is half man and half-god; Achilles' only vulnerability is his heel.

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