Language Arts

From fiction to non-fiction, it is a great pleasure to explore the world through the written word. Here at AwesomeStories, we read in a 21st century way, exploring the stories with related images, videos, audios and authentic documents to give added depth.

Language Arts Chapters

After a long illness, is death a welcome event?

When Lewy Bodies implant themselves in a human brain it's like beetles that begin to infest a maple tree. Soon nature takes a different course.

Is a person, whose ability to speak is diminished by illness, able to speak to her husband with her eyes only?

When an ill person cannot properly open her eyes, why do people doubt that she's really having trouble?

Memories are the stuff of life, but what happens when a brain illness makes them impossible to retrieve?

Language Arts Documents

When Charles Dickens started to write his famous novella, "A Christmas Carol," he was in a hurry.

Was General Eisenhower nervous or apprehensive, in any way, regarding the Normandy Invasion? He may not have expressed words, but he gives us a clue ...

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