Legends and Legendary People Chapters

Meet some of the world's most-colorful characters in this collection. From Roman times to the Spanish Main, these individuals were famous in their own lifetimes and later, when their stories became the "stuff of legends."

Mary is tried and convicted of treason; she is beheaded in 1587 and there are eyewitness accounts of her death.

King Arthur, aRoman, leads the Britons in battles against theAnglo-Saxons in the early 6th century.

A receipts ledger with Capone's name on it shows profits from his gambling house; it is enough evidence to charge him with income tax evasion.

Jesse is born inClay County,Missouri, on September 5, 1847, and loses his father at a young age.

When word about Pasteur's vaccine spreads, a teenaged hero who saved the lives of six young shepherds needs the vaccine. He arrives from Arbois, Paste...

To man its defenses, Rome builds forts at regular intervals along Hadrian's Wall, and some of them still remain today.

Barely sixteen, Jesse participates with William Quantrill and his men in killing citizens of Lawrence Kansas.

Jesse takes part in theCentralia Massacre, in which his group kills or wounds 22 unarmed Union troops.

Barrie takes care of the boys and educates them; once WWI begins, the older boys know they will need to serve their country.

Although he is little-celebrated in the 21st century, Baas Reeves was a giant of the late-19th and early-20th centuries. An African-American U.S. Depu...

Born a slave, Bass Reeves ran away from slavery during America's Civil War. He fled to Indian Territory (today's Oklahoma) where he learned five Nativ...

Rune Stones are standing stones in Scandinavia and Britain which tell the stories of kings and warriors like Beowulf.

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