Legends and Legendary People Videos

Meet some of the world's most-colorful characters in this collection. From Roman times to the Spanish Main, these individuals were famous in their own lifetimes and later, when their stories became the "stuff of legends."

When Princess Elizabeth (played in this scene from Elizabeth R by Glenda Jackson) was imprisoned at the Tower of London - implicated in Wyatt's rebell...

In the fall of 1562, Elizabeth I (played by Glenda Jackson in this clip from Elizabeth R) became desperately ill with smallpox.

When he was twenty nine, the ruler of Qin sent one million soldiers to crush resistance in six neighboring states.

This is the story of Faust, based on the dramatic poem by Goethe and adapted for the screen - in 1926 - by F.

How was Ying Zheng, China's first emperor, able to unify seven warring states which highly valued independence?

Qin Shi Huangdi died when he was fifty years old, leaving a mixed legacy.

When he was 78 years old, Gandhi tried to mediate a rift which had developed between two of India's leading political figures.

How did Genghis Khan become one of the greatest conquerors of all time?

Lifting the siege of Beijing, Genghis Khan ordered total annihilation of the city and its residents.

Even though the people of Beijing had been without food for so long, because Genghis Khans men attacked their suppliers, the city still had a powerful...

Temujen's army eventually conquered 12,000,000 square miles.

Temujen made a vow to never be defeated again.

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