What does it mean to have a "world view?" How does "thinking about the meaning of life" translate into "living life?" Who are the world's great thinkers? Is Aristotle still relevant? This Collection features philosophy-related stories.

Philosophy Chapters

Albert Schweitzer wins the Nobel Prize and, after his death, accolades pour in for him.

Dr. Schweitzer returns to Africa after WWI, but then war comes to Africa.

When World War One also impacted Africa, Albert and Helen Schweitzer were sent to a French prison camp.

Although they did not initially understand the cultural of the people they were serving, Albert and Helen Schweitzer learned about the ways of the loc...

Even as a young man, Albert Schweitzer related to the sufferings of others and wanted to do something to help.

Philosophy Learning Tasks

Analyze How Complex Characters Develop

Analyze Story Elements

Use Details to Describe a Character, Setting, or Event

Philosophy Audios

This C.S. Lewis audio clip is from the BBC Series "Beyond Personality.

Although C.S. Lewis was frequently "on the air" during World War II, the BBC has very few surviving broadcasts.

Philosophy Audio Narrations

Ziyun Li narrates her original story written as part of her 4th grade Hawaiian history and culture research project.

The arrival of missionaries and their influence on Hawaii is explored.

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