Science, technology, engineering and math are key subjects to study in today's rapidly changing, technology-based society. They are also great subjects for interesting stories.

STEM Chapters

Complete this chart to learn the differences between a moth and a butterfly.

A list of resources and lesson plan sites for all levels in the study of Monarch butterflies.

Words that help you understand butterflies and their lives.

Interesting information and facts about butterflies.

More information on why the Monarch is so unique.

STEM Learning Tasks

Central Idea

Comparing a Fictional Account with an Historical One

Drawing Conclusions about Author's Purpose

Drawing Conclusions by Integrating Information

Making Connections between Ideas in the Text

STEM Audios

On its mission to the Moon, Apollo 13 encountered a near-fatal situation.

STEM Audio Narrations

Storing water in their large stems, Baobab trees help people during dry periods.

After experiencing an accident in space, Apollo 11's crew depended on team work to save their lives.

As they get closer to the Moon, Apollo 11's crew gets a warning sign. Is it real or is it a glitch?

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