Fun to watch and fun to play, sporting activities have always had a key role in public life. These sports-related stories take us back to the ancient Olympics and forward to the days of a "Moneyball" approach to baseball.

Sports Chapters

Spencer West decides to launch a campaign to help African children get clean drinking water. He calls it "Redefine Possible."

Surfing Was A Big Part Of Hawaiian History

Thirty years after the Swann case ruling, white plaintiffs claim race based admission policies are biased and want the previous ruling overturned.

In 1971, T. C. Williams High School's star player, Gerry Bertier, has a car wreck that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.

T. C. Williams High School hires a black head coach, Herman Boone, to lead the school's desegregated football team.

Sports Audios

How does a city, hosting the modern Olympics, do something special for their games?  The people of Beijing produced opening and c...

Sports Audio Narrations

It's June 13, 1935 and Jim Braddock - a 10 to 1 underdog - stuns boxing fans everywhere when he defeats the reigning champion, Max Baer.

Not letting any disability get in his way, Spencer West redefines possible.

Spencer West has never let his loss of legs slow-down his life.

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