Sports Videos

Fun to watch and fun to play, sporting activities have always had a key role in public life. These sports-related stories take us back to the ancient Olympics and forward to the days of a "Moneyball" approach to baseball.

Jackie Robinson wore number 42 on his Brooklyn Dodger uniform.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, ancient Greeks built an arena which still produces stunning, unamplified sound.

This animation - created by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) - demonstrates what happened on October 11, 2006 when Cory Lidle and his f...

This much-discussed round, of a highly praised fight, pits Arturo Gatti against Micky Ward.

Bill James is an Army veteran.

This clip is part 2 of the AFN (Armed Forces Network) Bremerhaven interview with Bill James.

This clip of an Armed Forces Network (AFN) Europe broadcast features Bill James and his sabermetrics approach to studying Major-League Baseball (MLB).

It didn't take Bill James to invent sabermetrics - the statistical system of valuing baseball players featured in Moneyball (the book and film) - to k...

What is the Baseball Abstract which Bill James first wrote - as an annual book - in 1977?

This historic footage depicts Jimmy Braddock and Joe Louis competing in the "World Heavyweight Championship" on the 22nd of June, 1937.

It's June 13, 1935 and Jim Braddock - a 10 to 1 underdog - stuns boxing fans everywhere when he defeats the reigning champion, Max Baer.

Jimmy Braddock fought his last professional fight against the Welshman, Tommy Farr.

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