The Arts Chapters

Visual and Musical Arts bring beauty into our lives. These stories explore and reveal the inspiration behind great artworks, the challenges to create them and their impact on the world.

In his "Nutcracker" story, E.T.A. Hoffman begins his tale on Christmas Eve. Lots of surprises are in store for the children!

Although he cannot hear all the notes with his ears, Beethoven writes some of the best-known symphonies of all times.

Jai Ho is a song that is meant to inspire people beginning to lose hope to keep going because victory is near.

In E.T.A. Hoffman's story about "The Nutcracker," a family gathers around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. In addition to all the wonderful presen...

As Godfather Drosselmeier tries to help Marie feel better, he begins to tell her the story of Princess Pirlipat.

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