Tragedies and Triumphs

When horrific things happen, how a person responds can make a difference in the rest of one's life. In this collection, learn how some individuals triumphed in the face of unspeakable tragedies.

Tragedies and Triumphs Chapters

Although the Soviet Union never acknowledged that its policies caused the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33, Russia acknowledged it in 2003.

Refusing to grant access to individuals who can see how the Ukrainian people are starving, Soviet officials assure the world, and their own countrymen...

As Ukrainians starve, the Soviet government covers-up the disaster occurring in Ukraine by selling more and more grain to other countries.

The Bolsheviks change their sharing policies to taking policies not long after consolidating their power.

Stalin, who succeeds Lenin, is unwilling to allow national patriotism to continue in Ukraine. He enforces repressive policies on the Ukrainian people.

Tragedies and Triumphs Learning Tasks

Central Idea

Digital media

Analyze one survivor's story

Analyzing both Primary and Secondary Sources

Determining the Central Idea

Tragedies and Triumphs Audios

During the Great Depression, Americans were starving.

When her mother (Fantine) dies, a young girl named Cosette has no parents.

Samuel Gompers was head of the AFL union when he gave a speech in support of America's involvement in World War I.

Secretary of the Interior, at the outbreak of war with Germany in 1917, Franklin Lane was outspoken in his support of the fight.

Until 1917, James W.

Tragedies and Triumphs Audio Narrations

It's June 13, 1935 and Jim Braddock - a 10 to 1 underdog - stuns boxing fans everywhere when he defeats the reigning champion, Max Baer.

Gone with the Wind became one of the best-selling novels and movies of all time.

Margaret Mitchell named Scarlett O'Hara after looking through books of Irish literature.

Margaret Mitchell found the title for her new book in the lines of an 1891 poem.

Working on her untitled book for years, Margaret Mitchell finally agrees to have a potential publisher see her manuscript.

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