World History Audios

Whether it's people, places or events which fuel "the news," the fabric of our lives is impacted by world events. This collection features stories from ancient to modern times.

This radio play, starring Orson Welles as Captain Bligh, was broadcast via the Campbell Playhouse on January 13, 1939.

Alvar Liddell, a BBC reporter on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, told the world what had happened.

A news report during the attack, broadcast by a reporter for KGU in Honolulu, reports that "this battle has been going on for nearly three hours.

The attack by Japan was "unprovoked" and "dastardly," to use President Roosevelt's words.

Americans were shocked to learn about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Denny Smith - from WIBC ("Indy's News Center," at 93.

Samuel Gompers was head of the AFL union when he gave a speech in support of America's involvement in World War I.

Edmund Dantes - unjustly convicted of helping the former (now-exiled) ruler of France (Napoleon Bonaparte) - escapes from his own imprisonment.

The second production of the Mercury Theatre on the Air was Treasure Island.

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