World History Audios

Whether it's people, places or events which fuel "the news," the fabric of our lives is impacted by world events. This collection features stories from ancient to modern times.

When diplomatic efforts between Britain and Germany failed to end Hitler's attack on Poland - in early September, 1939 - Neville Chamberlain (the Br...

Churchill tried repeatedly to convince FDR to enter the war.

Winston Churchill became Prime Minister on the 10th of May, 1940.

On the 16th of October, 1938, Winston Churchill broadcast a speech urging both his country, and America, to arm themselves.

On the 4th of June, 1940, Winston Churchill addressed Parliament.

Orson Welles, and his Mercury Theatre troupe, brought Bram Stoker's story of Dracula to the radio.

On the 9th of September, 1939, the BBC aired this broadcast on the evacuation of Britain's school children.

On the 8th of December, 1941 - the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed - Americans received their up-to-date news from the radio.

In his first inaugural address, which remains one of the most famous in American history, President Franklin D.

Secretary of the Interior, at the outbreak of war with Germany in 1917, Franklin Lane was outspoken in his support of the fight.

Until 1917, James W.

CBS IS THERE (later, YOU ARE THERE) was an "old-time radio" program where CBS "reporters" and "correspondents" dramatized important historical events ...

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