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Nov 4, 2016 ... Frank Browne's photographs of the Titanic survive because his superior told him
to \
A coal strike, which took place in Britain at about the time Titanic was scheduled
for her maiden voyage, meant there would be insufficient supplies for every ship
needing coal to cross the Atlantic. As a result, passengers originally scheduled
for passage on other vessels were rebooked to cross on Titanic. Frank Browne ...
May 17, 2017 ... RMS Titanic was a Royal Mail Steamer (or, Royal Mail Ship) whose maiden
voyage was scheduled to take her to New York City in April of 1912. This "White
Star Line" poster advertised the return leg of the ship's maiden voyage. Image
online, courtesy U.S. National Archives. The White Star Line advertised ...
Before passengers could board a ship, like the Titanic, they had to be checked for
Mar 6, 2017 ... Considered one of Titanic's "heroes," Harold Bride - along with Jack Phillips -
was a Marconi wireless operator during the ship's maiden voyage. Both men
continued to send messages until the captain relieved them of duty. This image
depicts Bride's arrival in New York, as he leaves the Carpathia. Online ...
Apr 13, 2016 ... Drawing by Frederick Fleet who saw the iceberg which Titanic struck about 37
seconds before impact. Image part of the Titanic hearing record. (See both the
hearing, in the US, and the wreck inquiry, in the UK.) Online, courtesy U.S.
National Archives. It was freezing cold in Titanic's crow's nest.
Apr 13, 2016 ... It took twenty horses to pull RMS Titanic's 16-ton center anchor on the first leg of
its journey to the shipyard, in Belfast, where Titanic was built. This photo depicts
the anchor's route of travel as it made its way along Northfield Road (in Netherton
, England). Titanic historian Jonathan Smith reports that this ...
This image depicts the Titanic at Cherbourg, France during her maiden.
Frank Browne - later known as Father Francis ("Frank") Browne, a Jesuit priest -
took this photo of Titanic as the great ship was leaving Queenstown (an Irish city
now called Cobh). Birds flying above the water, on the right side of the
photograph, help to give a sense of Titanic's size. Click on the image for a greatly
enhanced ...
Titanic - Largest Ship. Titanic - Largest Ship. The RMS Titanic was once the
largest ship in the world. This drawing depicts the details of the great luxury liner.
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