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Drawing by Frederick Fleet who saw the iceberg which Titanic struck about 37
seconds before impact. Image part of the Titanic hearing record. (See both the ...
Nov 4, 2016 ... Frank Browne's photographs of the Titanic survive because his superior told him
to \
Postal workers on the Titanic try to save letters and.
Although not the deadliest shipwreck, Titanic remains one of the most.
Although Titanic receives ice warnings via wireless messages from nearby ships,
it is likely her captain does not know about.
Eleven years before Titanic set sail in the early spring of 1912, Guglielmo
Marconi (incorporating the prior work of Nikola Tesla whose radio patent was
finally ...
SOS signals and lifeboats can't help people on the Titanic. The wireless operator
on the closest ship, about an hour away, has shut-off his system.
Meet the senior officers of Titanic's fatal voyage. What are their.
It took twenty horses to pull RMS Titanic's 16-ton center anchor on the first leg of
its journey to the shipyard, in Belfast, where Titanic was built. This photo depicts ...
How does the public learn about the Titanic tragedy? How careful are the news.
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