At Sea During a Monster Storm Near Island of Terror

It might be possible to get sea-sick just watching this clip from Oceans, a French documentary by Jacques Perrin.  

Released in 2010, and distributed in America by Disneynature, the film took four years to make and covers about 50 different locations.  The featured storm, in this clip, occurred during March of 2008.

Two different ships are making their way in VERY heavy seas.  The first - a deep-sea tugboat - is called Abeille Bourbon.  The second - an  F70 French Frigate - is called Latouche-Tréville.  

The scenes featured in the clip are in the Mer d'Iroise near Ouessant Island (off the western tip of France) which is sometimes referred to as the "Island of Terror."

Storms which rage and race across the Atlantic often do not slow-down until they reach Ouessant. (Be sure to view the stunning pictures of this island).  

The powerful light, from nearby Créac‘h Lighthouse, can be seen by ships approximately 32 miles away.  It warns mariners to stay away from the treacherous rocks around Ouessant.

Media Credits

Clip from Oceans, a French documentary.  Copyright, Jaques Perrin, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the documentary.


Directed by:  Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud

Produced by:  Jacques Perrin, Romain Legrand, Nicolas Mauvernay and Jake Eberts

Narrated by:  Jacques Perrin (French) and Pierce Brosnan (English)

Music by:  Bruno Coulais

Studios:  Participant Media, Pathé, Gatetee Films, GAGA, France 2 Cinema, France 3 Cinema and Canal+

Distributed (in the US) by:  Disneynature

Release date(s):  October 17, 2009 (Tokyo International Film Festival) and January 27, 2010 (France)

Run time:  104 minutes

Country:  France

Languages:  French and English

Budget:   € 49 million (US $ 66 million)


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