Graphic of GOES 8 Satellite, online courtesy NOAA.


By early morning on November 1, the weakening system had once again become a tropical storm. Within ten hours, it developed into a hurricane in the same general location where the Halloween Storm had formed just days before.

The Goes 7 Satellite recorded the hurricane at peak intensity on November 1, 1991 at 1801 UTC. By the next day, before the hurricane could make landfall at Nova Scotia, it had once again weakened and became a tropical storm.

Officials at the National Weather Service never gave the hurricane a name. They thought it would be too confusing since the Perfect Storm (also known as the Halloween Storm) had occurred just days before. As a result, the hurricane is simply known as the "Unnamed Hurricane of 1991."

Where was the rest of the swordfish fleet during one of the worst New England storms of the century? Some of the boats were north. Linda Greenlaw was east of the worst of it, at 45N, 45W. (Follow this link to see her exact location compared to the storm - which is Track #8.) "We were lucky," she says.

Not so lucky was another ship, at another time, only 300 miles away from the place where Andrea Gail met her end. The other ship? The Titanic.

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