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Touchdown to Glory

The Ski Jumper in Flight

The Downhill Run

Defining Forces

A link to numerous primary resources, about U.S. Presidential Inaugurations, at Awesome Stories.

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Brief video on th accomplisments of Thaddeus Kosciuszko

How do you pronounce Koscuiszko?

Story of Heinrich Harrer

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Lehua, a young noble Hawaiian comes of age, the preface.

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What occasions exist in the world today that call for brave leaders?

Why do we concentrate on the evils in history and tend to forget the good?

Analyze the useful approach to investigative learning that is unique to AwesomeStories and provide a 5 paragraph concise summary arguing your point.

Is it important to hear the word "no" in life in order to fully appreciate hearing the word "yes"?

Why should rules be flexible and allowed to be changed over time?

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Exerpts from account of violence that occured in Los Angeles in the 1870's.

by Frederick Douglas, July 4, 1852

Working Girls Beware by Nellie Bly. Article that appeared in The World newspaper.

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