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A closer look at Phillis Wheatley and why she wrote the famous poem "About Slavery."

In the spirit of Arthur Ashe's humanitarian efforts, the Arthur Ashe Courage Award was born.

Arthur Ashe faced racism with courage and intelligence.

A GED® teacher's experience with a lesson plan bridging science to U.S. history

Adult ESL students at the advanced level need reading assignments that pique their interest, are adult in content and challenge their English language...

This art makes the everyday world its gallery and general pubic response its currency.

Surviving over nine feet of snow in Boston

Before Cesar Chavez dedicated his life to helping farm workers get a decent wage, field workers - including children - toiled long hours for unbelieva...

An eyewitness account of the discrimination for Chinese workers in America during the 1870's.

Story of how Columbus describes the New World and the people he encountered there.

The lochs of Scotland and Ireland hold many secrets. Among them are crannogs, ancient conical homes built upon the waters of the lochs that sculpt the...

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