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Standard 8-4:4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the multiple events that led to the Civil War

Describes how the Cherokee tribe were transplantesd to a reservation in Oklahoma.

What makes butterflies a Monarch butterfly?

A lesson plan to make your school's elections presidential.

Lakeland, FL

There is a sister storm pattern!

When World War One also impacted Africa, Albert and Helen Schweitzer were sent to a French prison camp.

Dr. Schweitzer returns to Africa after WWI, but then war comes to Africa.

When building materials arrive at Lambarene, Albert Schweitzer designs a new hospital which incorporates its cultural setting and needs.

Albert and Helene Schweitzer arrive at Lambarene, their new home in Gambon.

Albert and Helen Schweitzer travel to Africa, reaching the country of Gabon, where the new doctor intends to help relieve the suffering of people.

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