Archeological Wonders

Even though ancient people died, or their civilizations were wiped-out by catastrophes, they left behind evidence of how they once lived. This collection reveals some of the wonders which archeologists have uncovered.

Archeological Wonders Chapters

To boost attendance at Jurassic World, scientists decide to create a hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex using DNA collected from four other fearsome...

Displaying courage and skill, the Greeks (led by Sparta) defeat the Persians (fighting without their ruler, Xerxes).

The most famous mummy is King Tut. His tomb is discovered and excavated teaching the world a lot about ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians are experts at creating mummies; after death, the pharaohs after death went through a process of mummification.

John Franklin, his two ships (Erebus and Terror) and his crew disappear. Searchers later find well-preserved mummified remains which provide clues why...

Archeological Wonders Learning Tasks

Analyze How Complex Characters Develop

Analyze Story Elements

Use Details to Describe a Character, Setting, or Event

Archeological Wonders Audios

Scholars believe the famous poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) - which he called "Ozymandias" - was inspired by a statue of the young Ramesses I...

Archeological Wonders Audio Narrations

The Babylonian Empire, when it existed, was the most-powerful of all states in the ancient world.

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