Archeological Wonders Chapters

Even though ancient people died, or their civilizations were wiped-out by catastrophes, they left behind evidence of how they once lived. This collection reveals some of the wonders which archeologists have uncovered.

The city-states of mainland Greece see much destruction before Alexander claims the throne.

Although his kingly ancestors had died violent deaths, Alexander the Great became ill with a fever and died soon thereafter. His outstanding victories...

Philip's well-trained military helps Alexander to be a strong leader.

Archeological discoveries reveal Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, as a place of wealth.

Take a virtual tour to visit some of the places Alexander conquers.

Eruptions lead to the river of mud, hot ash and gases that bury Pompeii.

Alexander is quick to claim the throne after the death of his father who was murdered, by one of the King's own bodyguards.

Attila and his Huns cause death and destruction in town after town on their westward trek.

Thermopylae is the battleground for a fight where the defending Greek army kills many of Xerxes' invading Persian soldiers.

In 1995, the mummified remains of a young girl are found; she was probably a sacrifice to the gods.

Alexander's main enemy is Darius III, head of the Persian Empire. The young ruler's strategy just might get the better of his older rival.

Web sites and other information on Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, and ancient Persia.

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