Archeological Wonders Videos

Even though ancient people died, or their civilizations were wiped-out by catastrophes, they left behind evidence of how they once lived. This collection reveals some of the wonders which archeologists have uncovered.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, ancient Greeks built an arena which still produces stunning, unamplified sound.

This clip from "Walking with Dinosaurs" depicts various dinosaurs (including the late-Triassic, plant-eating Plateosaurus which weighed about four ton...

Anglo-Saxons came to Britain from other countries on the European continent.

Historians today rely on Beowulf to reconstruct long halls in ancient Anglo-Saxon villages.

The sole surviving manuscript of Britains national epic, about a Dark Ages hero, is now maintained at the British Library.

Burial mounds, in Britain, play a role in Beowulfs death.

Iron-Age mummies, naturally formed in peat bogs thousands of years ago, provide evidence of life during ancient times.

When scientists working in the Hammond Lab, at Jurassic World, decide to "create" a new hybrid dinosaur, they use the DNA of a South American predator...

While collecting specimen, at the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin did not correlate his "finds" with the name of the specific island where they were...

In this clip - from "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" - we see results of current research which experts relate to Darwin's theories.

The Roman Colosseum was an engineering feat for its day.

After Alexander the Great died, his extensive empire was fought-over by three of his generals.

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