Archeological Wonders Videos

Even though ancient people died, or their civilizations were wiped-out by catastrophes, they left behind evidence of how they once lived. This collection reveals some of the wonders which archeologists have uncovered.

  When invading Spaniards conquered the Incas, who were living in South America, their actions led to one of history's turning points.  To...

As a pyroclastic flow races toward Pompeii, people in the town fear for their lives.

Fossilized dinosaurs are found throughout the world.  How might they have appeared when they were alive?  How did the surrounding land app...

Earth, air, water and fire - ancient Greeks believed everything was made from them.

The Dead Sea Scrolls have been part of a touring exhibition for many years.

A pyroclastic surge - a deadly, fast-moving avalanche of searing gas and rock fragments - made its way toward Herculaneum.

A prince, who was born Ying Zheng, became the First Emperor of China, who renamed himself Qin Shi Hunagdi.  Who was he? How did he rule his ne...

Working on their creation, in the Hammond Lab, Jurassic World scientists use the DNA of Giganotosaurus to create Indominus Rex.

After China was united, the First Emperor sent 300,000 soldiers to the northern frontier to drive back invading nomads.

Why did the First Emperor of China, and later rulers (especially the Ming Dynasty), build a great wall?

The Han dynasty built a great wall which has resisted two thousand years of erosion in the barren desert.

The Inca Empire, in South America, lasted about a century.

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