Censorship Videos

When governments, or other institutions, want to control what people think and say, they censor what people write and speak. The stories in this collection are about various forms of censorship.

In this clip, from Cry Freedom, Denzel Washington portrays Stephen Biko.

During the second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), when the Boers refused to surrender to the Anglos, the British rounded-up thousands of Afrikaners (Boers...

Meet Branch Rickey, the former president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers who believed that Major League baseball had to include non-white ...

Dostoevsky scholars, and many other people who love the Russian writer's works, often say that Brothers Karamazov is his masterpiece.

Dmitri goes to the home of his father and, when his father comes to the window and attacks him, Dmitri runs away.

Believing he has killed his father's servant, Dmitri Karamazov is relieved to learn that Gregory (Gregori) will live but stunned to learn his father h...

Father Karamazov's servant, Gregori - recovered from his head injury - testifies what he heard and saw the night that Father Karamazov died.

On the eve of the verdict, Dmitri expresses his belief he should be punished for how he has wronged people - even though he did not kill his father.

Smerdyakov (Father Karamazov's son with another woman who died in childbirth) has an interesting discussion with his half-brother, Ivan.

In this concluding clip of Brothers Karamazov, Dmitri must jeopardize his freedom In order to live his life without regrets.

This is part two of the 1958 film, Brothers Karamazov, directed by Richard Brooks.

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