Medicine Chapters

Understanding human anatomy, and how to diagnose and treat illnesses, has changed dramatically from ancient to modern times. This collection features people whose medical breakthroughs helped to save millions of lives.

Years after waste water from PG&E's compressor station at Hinkley, California began to contaminate the area's groundwater, the government ordered ...

Truman decides that instead of invading Japan, the U.S. will use its new atomic weapons to force Japan's surrender.

Soldiers arriving back in the U.S. spread the Spanish flu through the entire country. Hardest hit are large-crowd events, such as Philadelphia's Liber...

Villagers and health-care workers in the vicinity of Yambuku, Zaire (now the Republic of Congo) are getting extremely sick, then dying. No one knows w...

Albert Gitchell, an Army cook at Camp Funston, complains of flu-like symptoms. The air-borne disease spreads to Europe when U.S. soldiers go to Europe...

Dr. Schweitzer returns to Africa after WWI, but then war comes to Africa.

When building materials arrive at Lambarene, Albert Schweitzer designs a new hospital which incorporates its cultural setting and needs.

Albert and Helene Schweitzer arrive at Lambarene, their new home in Gambon.

Albert and Helen Schweitzer travel to Africa, reaching the country of Gabon, where the new doctor intends to help relieve the suffering of people.

While suffering from a mental disorder, John Nash has periods of time where he does amazing work.

The successful cotton merchant with whom Florie falls in love is actually a drug addict with a mistress and children.

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