Medicine Story Briefs

Understanding human anatomy, and how to diagnose and treat illnesses, has changed dramatically from ancient to modern times. This collection features people whose medical breakthroughs helped to save millions of lives.

Anna Ladd, at her studio in Paris, works-on a facial mask intended to help a wounded soldier return to life in the public eye.

Zodiac Man and His Relationship to Medicine.

So many people died in plague, in 1349, that there were not enough coffins to care for all the bodies.

This image depicts a normal brain as opposed to a brain damaged from lack of oxygen

When we breathe, oxygen gets into our bodies. How does it travel from our lungs to other places, like the brain?

Charles Darwin was grief stricken when his daughter Annie died (most likely from tuberculosis).

Freud's 160th birthday is May 6, 2016. Did you know his work with cocaine caused him to withdraw his paper recommending the drug? Before he developed ...

Tuberculosis - a disease caused by bacteria - has plagued human beings for millenia. Studying spinal-column fragments ofEgyptian mummies, scientists ...

Scientists say that DNA is the instruction manual for building life, but what does that really mean?

Portrait of Dr. Guillotin who sought a more-humane method of capital punishment during the French Revolution.

Just before the Ebola outbreak in Yambuku, in 1976, a similar outbreak occurs in Sudan. Investigators believe this cotton factory is somehow involved....

Emile Roux, famous in his own right for helping children overcome diphtheria, was Louis Pasteur's chief assistant.

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