Medieval Times

When knights and castles served kings and queens, a feudal system employed peasants and vassals. Uneducated people used art to learn stories they could not read for themselves. This collection is about life in the Middle Ages.

Medieval Times Chapters

Did you know that the language of "Chivalry" - or the language of Knights - was French?

With help from his top advisers, who pave the way for a change in Britain, Henry VIII gets his divorce and marriage annulment, from Catherine of Arago...

As a high-level advisor to Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell tries to help the King get a divorce from Catharine of Aragon so he can marry Anne Boleyn.

Despite his high position, Thomas Cardinal Wolsey falls from Henry VIII's favor when he is unable to convince Pope Clement VII to grant the King a div...

Religious freedom is not available in Tudor England for people who, among other things, want to translate the Bible into English (or even quote from i...

Medieval Times Audio Narrations

When Arthur Tudor dies, at age 15, his younger brother Henry is in line to rule Britain as Henry VIII.

Accused of spreading the plague during medieval times, Jews were burned in Strasbourg.

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