Medieval Times Chapters

When knights and castles served kings and queens, a feudal system employed peasants and vassals. Uneducated people used art to learn stories they could not read for themselves. This collection is about life in the Middle Ages.

This illustration depicts “Smithfield,” a place outside the city walls of London where people were executed. William Wallace was one of th...

View defenseless Crusader settlements in 1187.

Balien of Ibelin leads the Franks against the Muslims in the fight for Jerusalem.

Willing to risk the consequences for refusing to swearallegiancetoEdward, Wallace begins killing English men.

The Franks break the truce they reach with Saladin, so he raises an army to fight against them.

Medieval pigs are put on trial, spend time in prison and then are executed for their "crimes."

Killer animals are on trial because people believe Satan acts through those animals.

A lawyer tries to defend a pack of rats, but problems arise in summoning the rats to court.

As revenge for the attack on his men, Saladin sets a trap by setting fire to Raymond's castle with his wife inside.

Wallace is given a show trial but he is not allowed a lawyer or to speak on his own behalf.

Scottish resistance begins full force in 1297, when Wallace and his men kill the sheriff of Lanark and 240 others.

After escape from the Horns of Hattin battlefield, Balien of Ibelin retrieves his wife in Jerusalem. Saladin allows this because Balien carries no we...

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