Medieval Times Videos

When knights and castles served kings and queens, a feudal system employed peasants and vassals. Uneducated people used art to learn stories they could not read for themselves. This collection is about life in the Middle Ages.

Thousands of soldiers died in the longest battle of medieval history, fought near Hastings, on the 14th of October, in 1066.

The Bayeux Tapestry - several panels of embroidered art joined together to form one story-telling work - provides a pictorial record of the famous Bat...

To better understand what happened, leading up to (and during) the famous battle of 1066, one needs to examine where the soldiers fought.

Terrain, at (and near) the battlefield of Senlac Hill - located about six miles (10 km) northwest of Hastings - has changed throughout the centuries.

Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon King of England, once made a bargain with William, Duke of Normandy.

In the fourteenth century, bubonic plague swept through Europe, decimating the population.

In 1995, Mel Gibson produced, starred and directed a multi-award-winning film called "Braveheart.

The great Cathedral of Chartres was an engineering feat for its day.

The Catholic Church bans Nicolaus Copernicus's book on the 5th of March, 1616 (decades after his death). Why ban a book which Catholic Universities ha...

Katherine Hepburn portrayed Eleanor of Aquitaine in "The Lion in Winter," an award-winning performance from 1968.

WARNING: This recreated battle scene, based on Shakespeare's play, Henry V, depicts graphic scenes of medieval warfare.

Johannes Gutenberg invented one of "the machines that made us."

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