Music Chapters

Music is like a language which everyone understands. It is an art form capable of generating great emotional response. Meet some of the world's famous composers and musical performers in this collection of music-based stories.

Drosselmeier and his companion continue their quest to find both the hard nut, called Crackatooth, and the person who can crack it. They need both to ...

Ludwig dies on March 26, 1827 but his legacy exists today through his music.

As Godfather Drosselmeier continues his story about Princess Pirlipat, he stuns Marie. What happened to Pirlipat while the cats were asleep?

The "Underground Railroad", a network of routes, safe houses, and people, helps many slaves escape.

Ludwig faces financial problems and has to find sponsors when his music cannot support him. He does his best not to become overwhelmed with worry.

Ayers is a talented student at Julliard, until he develops a mental disorder and drops out.

Jai Ho is a song that is meant to inspire people beginning to lose hope to keep going because victory is near.

Hitler plans his "final solution" to exterminate Jews, who make up 30% of Warsaw's citizens.

Five hundred years later, the Catholic Church canonizes Joan as a Saint. Joan's life demonstrates the effect one person can have on history.

As Nutcracker resumes his ability to speak, he visits Marie. Asking her to travel with him, to see wonderful things, Nutcracker assures Marie that she...

Idolized by the public, Beethoven has a good life in Vienna.

Little Walt Disney Concert Hall, which contains his musical instruments is the name Ayers gives his portable cart.

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