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Music is like a language which everyone understands. It is an art form capable of generating great emotional response. Meet some of the world's famous composers and musical performers in this collection of music-based stories.

Chris Tomlin performs the song, Amazing Grace, in the film of the same name, released for public viewing in 2007.

The story, and the music, of Amazing Grace as it is often performed today - with bagpipes.

The "Superb Lyrebird" is an extraordinary creature capable of astonishing feats, including hard-to-believe mimics of unexpected sounds.

See (and hear) an ancient instrument, called the harp guitar, as it is used to play Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella.

Abraham Lincoln enjoyed listening to music.

One of the Scottish ballads which Abe Lincoln loved was "Auld Robin Gray.

Baroque music is characterized by its non-stop pace.

Although Beethoven had performed his 4th Piano Concerto privately, in 1807, the public did not hear it until the 22nd of December, 1808.

Sviatoslav Richter plays the first movement (allegro assai) of Beethoven's Appassionata - Piano Sonata No.

During his performing heyday, Beethoven was known as more than a brilliant pianist.

Although a brilliant pianist and budding composer, in 1800, Beethoven had not reached his potential and did not have the fame he would one day enjoy.

Ludwig von Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany.

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