Native-Americans and First Peoples Chapters

For thousands of years before Europeans colonized the "New World," the land belonged to others. Who were those individuals now-known as "First Peoples" or "Native Americans?" How did they live? Where are they now?

There is mystery around Sacajawea's history. Her name might mean Bird Woman or Boat Launcher depending on how it is spelled. She may have died young, ...

How Captain Cook changed the way Hawaiians lived.

Captain Cook in Hawaii

Learn how Captain Cook died in Hawaii.

The Marines battle 10,000 Japanese soldiers hiding in caves and other dug in areas; there are many casualties on both sides.

Thousands of Japanese die on Saipan; Americans suffer many losses as well.

By the end of the 19th century, the Native American name Chickagou (which means "bad smell") becomes Chicago and organized crime moves in.

If you get in trouble with the king, go there, you will be safe. The goddess releases the wrath.

Before the Hawaiian Islands were accidentally located by Captain Cook, clothing, as in most cultures, was different in Hawai'i depending on one's soci...

Navajo code talkers prevent a massacre of Marines on Saipan, although the Japanese continue to fight.

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