Native-Americans and First Peoples Story Briefs

For thousands of years before Europeans colonized the "New World," the land belonged to others. Who were those individuals now-known as "First Peoples" or "Native Americans?" How did they live? Where are they now?

On August 16, 1896 prospectors find gold in Alaska. The Trump fortune got its start as a result.

Techniques the Ancient Hawaiians used to catch their fish with the materials they had.

This is full of facts about Ancient Hawaiian Fishing.

This gives you various information about the native Hawaiians dance and music.

Kapu means rules and learn how Hawaiians lived with them!

Surfing Was A Big Part Of Hawaiian History

Some decisions by Andrew Jackson (1829-1837), America's seventh president, greatly disturbed Native Americans. Among the results, of those decisions, ...

How Captain Cook changed the way Hawaiians lived.

Captain Cook in Hawaii

Learn how Captain Cook died in Hawaii.

A famous Apache medicine man, often referred to as an Apache chief, Geronimo remained a prisoner of war after his surrender in 1886. The U.S. federal ...

How were Yapese people able to carry their extremely heavy stone money? By placing a pole through the center of the limestone disc which was specifica...

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